– The experimental film is a surreal excursion into the minds of the creators.


“An artist’s duty is to reflect the times…” is the renowned Nina Simone quote that opens director Meego Marrón’s latest film entitled ‘Mad World’ and the quote’s sentiment reverberates throughout the entire project. 


Through dance, music, documentary and dramatic performance – the movie holds up a mirror to our society while simultaneously acting as a looking glass into Meego’s lived experiences. 

However, the project isn’t inherently one of despair. In many ways, the story not told on screen is where you’ll find this film’s most positive achievement. 


Directed by Meego Marrón with videography from Gabrielle Kwarteng, costume design by Josiane Mutombo Ilung and music composed by Suga "made with suga"

For inquiries: meego.marron@gmail.com